MC Additional Requirements

1. Preparing and presenting at least 3 classes (at any approved level) at the Alabama Master Beekeepers training course. This can be in combination of course taught over a three-year period or a set of courses designed for different levels ( Apprentice, Journeyman, Master) at a single conference.

2. Prepare and/ or present a workshop at a state, national or international beekeepers conference or convention. This could include being a member of a panel discussion group at a conference or convention.

3. Serve 2 or more years as an officer in a state, or national beekeeping organization. This can be in combination of 2 or more authorizations.


4. Serve as either a judge or as an apprentice honey judge at a regional, state, or national event such as a county fair, state fair or certified honey competition.

5. Serve as a mentor for one or more beekeepers in rolled in the Apprentice or Journeyman level of the Alabama Master Beekeepers course.

6. Publishing an article on the subject of beekeeping in a beekeeping periodical.

7. Visit and observe apiaries in regions other than our own and make a record – to be shared in an approved venue – of your experiences and acquired knowledge of methods and practices used by beekeepers in other regions.