The Apprentice must have more than a BASIC KNOWLEDGE of beekeeping prior to registration. The program is designed to enhance your skills and knowledge, not to teach basic beekeeping.

NOTE: A CHANGE THIS YEAR-there will be ‘NO 30 day’ grace period for test re-taking. Failure to pass any part of the requirements will be re-tested the following year.


1. Must score a 70% or higher on each subject (block)of a written examination.*

2. Must score 70% or higher on TWO practical examination .**

 * The written test includes, but is not limited to beekeeping classes and materials provided from references on Apprentice reading list, or (web site lectures or classes).

**The practical exam can include, but is not limited to: describing the physical parts of a beehive; igniting and properly using a smoker; recognizing the various stages of brood, differentiating castes, and finding (or least describing) the Queen; differentiating between brood, pollen, and capped honey cells; recognizing propolis and describing its functions; and describing the layout of the brood nest (placement of honey, pollen, and brood), etc..