Professional Development

1. Attend at least 3 regional, state, or national level beekeeping conferences or conventions.

2. Participate in a beekeeping related research or extension project conducted by an approved institution.

3. Complete coursework at a recognized or approved educational provider.

4. Acquire other bee related training as approved by the Board of Directors ( working with a commercial beekeeper, receiving in the apiary instruction from a recognized expert beekeeper, etc.).

5. Completing an extension sponsored master gardener program.

6. Acquire a personal pesticide applicator license.

7. Complete a short course in small-scale Queen rearing offered by an approved instructor.

8. Complete training in instrumental insemination from an approved instructional source. This could include online instruction, course work in an academic setting, instruction from a recognized expert in the field, or other board approved avenues.

9. Achieve certification as either a Welsh Honey Judge or as an American Honey Judge.

10. Complete any approved course or training on a bee related topic (such as diseases, pests, genetic development and patterns, environmental threats, etc.).