SYNOPSIS of Classes

AFRICANIZED BEES – Report of the Africanized Bees and their approach to Alabama. What you need to prepare for as they arrive.

ALABAMA LAW –  Presenting the Alabama Law and Regulations on honeybee pollination and requirements for the Beekeeper. {A, J, M}

APPRENTICE BEEKEEPING – This class will discuss details of hive parts, there use and the proper nomenclature required for the Apprentice Level Beekeeper. {A}

BASIC HONEYBEE ANATOMY – An unbelievable journey looking at the Honeybee and its ability to accomplish all that it does in its short life.  Here you will have the opportunity to learn how the worker bee does the things she does and be able to identify the basic parts of the bee. Oriented to the Apprentice and Journeymen Level this class will discuss the anatomy of the bee providing the necessary information to describe and identify the parts of the bee anatomy. {A, J}

BEE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM - This class is oriented to the Master Level Beekeeper. It deals with the detailed description of the honeybee’s internal digestive system. {M}

BEE HEAD & THORAX – Oriented to the Master Level Beekeeper this class will examine the details of the head and thorax of the honeybee. {M}

BEES, WASPS, BEETLES – A class designed for all levels of beekeeping looks at the differences between these insects. This will be helpful in identifying the different insects. {A, J}

CIRCULATORY SYSTEM - This will be oriented to the Master Level Beekeeper this class will examine the circulatory system of the honeybee. {M}

COMMON PROBLEMS – A guided discussion  focusing on some of the problems beekeepers are likely to encounter. {A, J}

DISEASE AND PEST AND MEDICATIONS; This is a practical look at the diseases and pests present in beekeeping. You will also be exploring the proper treatments available in Alabama. {A, J, M}

FLOWER & POLLINATION – You will be looking at the anatomy of the flower and the relationship to the forager bee. This will also include the importance of pollination and the role of the honeybee. {A, J}

 HONEY JUDGING – As a Master Beekeeper Candidate there will be a need to have some knowledge of the things to look for as you evaluate honey. This class will examine the finer art of honey judging. {A, J, M}

HONEY PROCESSING – For all levels of beekeeping this class will share some great insights as to the harvesting of honey, from hive to bottle. Here is an opportunity to draw on several years of beekeeping experience. {A, J, M}

INSTALLATION, MARKING, BANKING QUEENS - Considering the importance of the queen in the colony, proper installation and queen management is critical. {J, M}

NERVOUS SYSTEM – Oriented to the Master Level Beekeeper. It deals with the detailed description of the honeybee’s internal nervous system. {M}

OPEN HIVE – The open hive is an examination required for the Apprentice Level. It is not a demonstration. The candidate will be required to demonstrate his or her ability to light and maintain a smoker. Additionally, demonstrating the proper way to open a hive and there in identifying worker bees, drones, the Queen, Brood and honey, etc.. {A}

HOWEVER, The OPEN HIVE is a demonstration for the BEGINNER BEEKEEPER.

PREPARING HONEY FOR SALE – Here we will share the dos and don’ts of packaging and labeling your product for a better sales presentation. {A, J}

QUEEN REARING – A detailed examination of the art of raising Queens and the details of the biological importance. {J, M}

SEASONAL HIVE MANAGEMENT – An insight to managing your colonies during the changing seasons and what is occurring in that colony. {A, J, M}